Andie in Alaska
Berkley in Montana
Betty in Utah
Brodie and Olive in California
Brodie in Colorado
Finnigan in Florida
Hadrian and Trajan in Colorado
Igneous and Kensington
Pearl in Montana
Jeep in Connecticut
Jemma in New Jersey
Madigan and Bacon in Pennsylvania
Oscar and Izzy in Nevada
Frankie and Tess in Connecticut
Marky and Don in Montana
Brownie in New York
Orley and Ceann from idaho
Rex and Zack from Montana
Zack in Canada
Ginger and Zoe from Virginia

Peanut in Minnesota
Rose in new York
Crixus and Remi in Florida
Trixie in South Dakota
Winston in Montana
Raisen and Wally in New York
Izzy in Utah
Maverick in New Jersey
Bailey and Busy in Virginia
Lutwo in Washington
Bodie and Robert in Illinois
Katie in South Carolina
Mulligan and Molly in Montana
Quigley in Utah
Oscar in New York
Emsie and Harry  in Idaho
Ajax in Wisconsin
Ajax in Wisconsin
Sparky and Blue in Florida
Emily and Little Lady in Texas
Fleet and Tim in Washington
Arjun and Desmond
Quigley and Izzy in Utah
Tula and Izzy in Colorado
Stella in MT
Tawny and Bella in California
Lincoln in TX
Leo in NY
Gus and Otis in Wisconsin
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Ty in Colorado
Miss Murrie and Dexter in PA
Rozey in Maine
Keerah and Penny in Colorado
Peka and Sam from Mexico
Teddy and Bella in NY
Rodeo and Diesel in New York
Rosie and her best bud in ME
Rusty and Jordan in WY
Coco and Millie in WA
Daisy and Louie in MD
Murrie and his family in PA
Lucy and Cole in NY
  Olive in Nebraska
  Darwin in Alasaka
  Ty in Colorado
Darby and Daisy in Utah