Dear Roy and Linda,

I have been meaning to send this email for awhile but life has gotten away from me.

We are writing to say Thank You! Bentley is everything we imagined and more. He is the greatest dog.
I know that when I originally sent you my wish list for a puppy (middle of the road in terms of energy level, not a big barker, grizzle) you had said that it would be pretty hard to ensure all of those things.
Well, Bentley is all of that and more. He never barks. And I mean never; he will occasionally growl when playing with an especially menacing toy and that's about it.  He can go on a 3 mile run with us, or lay on the couch while we watch a movie.
He is a very fast learner and knows how to sit, stay, shake etc. He is incredibly social, loves to play with all dogs (especially the big ones) and is always the envy of all the other owners at the dog park.

We are so grateful to you and the friend you have given us. He is a member of our family and we take him everywhere we can.
We know that he is so amazing because of the love and care you gave him the first 2 months. We know we have a lifetime of awesome memories with Bentley, and we have you to thank for it. Please enjoy the pictures.

Nick, Saryne and Bentley


We bought your "eddie" in the summer of 2009. 
We renamed him Maverick and have sent you pics from time to time.
I want you to know he is the most terrific dog we have ever had.
My husband and I have had many dogs throughout our lives- huskies, rots, JTRs, shetland sheepdogs and labs. 
Maverick is by far the best of all .  He is obedient, funny, sweet, active yet cuddly and adorable.
We have five children and he plays dolls, goes to tea parties, runs 2-3 miles, plays baseball, sails,
swims in the ocean, paddle boards,rides in a basket on a bike ,
listens to young readers, watches movies and sleeps with whoever gets him first.

He is a glutton and he detests bigger dogs.

Thank you for such a great dog.


Dear Roy and Linda,

We feel we need to tell you how disappointed we are with our puppy.

For starters, all of our neighbors are jealous of us because our puppy is the cutest one on the block.  Now we have no friends.

Secondly, Flo is a cuddle and wants nothing more than to sit on our laps and be loved.  Now we can't get any work done.

Thirdly, she won't let us go near her with out giving us a kiss.  Now we are always full of puppy love slobber.

Next, Sean is not happy that his 15-year-old son talks baby talk to Flo when he should be putting on his football pads for practice.

And finally, as I sit here trying to write my report cards, I am hindered by her charm as she stares up at me waiting for a tummy rub.

So disappointing.


Nancy, Sean, Samantha and Liam


Hi Roy and Linda,

My name is Rachel I purchased Biscuit from you in 2008 her listed name was Button.  She is the daughter of the Bobo and Quest.  I was looking online and happened across your page again and I  wanted to send you a new picture of her and let you know that she is doing extremely well!  She is the best dog I have ever owned.  She took to house training extremely fast and she is so well mannered, well behaved and such a loving dog!  Stumbling up on your page four years ago was the best thing that ever happened to me! She is an irreplaceable  part of our family that we couldn't imagine not having! Thank you so much for everything!  I hope all is well with you and your family too!

Thanks again and God bless,

Rachel, Andrew, Gabriel and Biscuit


Dear Roy & Linda,

We have been meaning to write this letter for some time.  I just wanted to say Thank You, again, for the gift of our little Griffin (formerly known as "Buster").  He just turned 1, and has been the absolute best addition to our family.  He gets along GREAT with other dogs, and kids, which were both important to us as our families will continue to grow over the years.

He is so smart, loyal, and a bit mischievous...but we love it.  He has so much personality and pizazz.  Griffin loves to go on runs with us.  When Shuan goes way ahead of me, Griffin will run with him and then realize that I'm not there, so he will then sprint back to me to make sure I'm okay, then run back up to Shaun.  He does this the entire time, so he definitely gets the best workout!  He is energetic, but also able to relax with us when we've had a long day and just want to curl up with a movie or a book on the couch.  He loves to hop in the car and go for an errand, or a long road trip.  He is especially enjoying the snow right now as it continues to fall.  He is so well socialized and can make any environment feel like home.  He fits perfectly into our lifestyle, and our family. 

Thank you again,
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's!
Take care,
Emma & Shaun
Washington State

Hi Linda and Roy,

Greetings from Texas! We hope everything is going well in Montana. Since Indiana turns two today, we thought you might like an update. He's now a robust 22 pounds, though we've no idea what we did to make him a mutant-sized border terrier (it's all muscle); but it's probably a good thing since he likes to run (and run and run and run) and play with every dog he meets, no matter how big they are. In fact, Indy is one of the friendliest dogs around, to other dogs and people alike, not to mention he's the cutest dog in Austin--though we might be biased. :-)
He now leads a tough life of hikes in the park, a box full of toys (which like any good kid he leaves scattered in the main pathways of the house for us to trip over), car rides with his head proudly in the breeze, and cuddling up between us on the couch to watch TV and in bed at night to watch over us while we sleep. At least he supplies plenty of kisses to let us know how unhappy he is.
Indy has been a terrific companion, and we can't thank you enough for bringing him into our lives. We attached a few pictures from the past couple of months.

All the best,
Dan & Michele

Hi Roy and Linda!

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we are enjoying this sweet little girl.
She has come into our lives and melted all of our hearts.  It's like she has been a part of our family forever. 
Stella loves her new big doggy brother Rudy and is still very curious about our cat. 
She has stolen the hearts of all the neighbor hood children and enjoys running around our back yard chasing leaves. 
She is seriously such a good puppy.  She sleeps through the night, she is a total cuddle bug and she loves being read to,
which makes her the perfect homework helper for our kids. Thank you for giving us such a gift

The Pierce Family

Hey Roy and Linda!
I was just on your site and figured I'd give you guys a little update on Kolbe. He's almost 4 1/2 years now and is the funniest
little dog in the world. I'm so grateful I found you two, you guys gave me the perfect pup. Everybody absolutely loves him and he always gets complimented on how handsome he is. Although, he's not a big fan of cats and always tries to run after squirrels. But besides that, all is well here in Pennsylvania! Hope you all are doing well yourselves!


Roy and Linda,

I thought we should say hello and let you know how everything is with our
border puppy we adopted from you last June. Where do I even begin?? He is
just the most wonderful dog we could have even imagined owning. Ryler just
has something about him that makes you fall in love with him. Everyone he
meets is just smitten with him especially my parents; so much so that we
even call my dad "Grandpaw".

Roy, you told my husband when we were looking at getting him that the male
borders tend to not be quite as cuddly and need as much loving as the
females. I was a little bummed about that since my husband wanted a male,
but I wanted a puppy that loved to be cuddled. I ended up getting the
cuddly puppy that I've always dreamed about. He loves to lay in my lap or
next to me and take a nap. When we first had him, nearly every evening he
would fall asleep on my lap. So I nicknamed him "Buggie" since he is such a
cuddle bug.

Now don't get me wrong, he is definitely not a girly puppy. He is
definitely a man's man dog. Ryler loves the outdoors and couldn't get
enough of camping and being at our family's cabin last summer. He loves to
play tug-a-war and hunt his stuffed animals in the house. His first snow
was an interesting experience, but after he figured out what it was, Ryler
had a hay day playing in the snow all winter long. He loves snowmobiling,
cross country skiing, and snowshoeing, and does a great job trampling
through the three feet deep snow. He may be a little dog, but I think he
thinks he is the size of his best friends which are a yellow lab and a
Great Dane. Ryler loves people and any dog.

Neither my husband nor I have ever had a dog before so we were a bit
apprehensive about training a puppy and how destroyed our house would get.
All those worries were unwarranted with Ryler. He was so easy to house
train and had very few accidents. He also was so easy to teach tricks too.
Ryler can sit, stand, lay down, backup, roll-over, play dead, shake, high
five, and wave bye. He picked up on those tricks very easy. We have ran out
of things to teach, but since it is finally getting nice outside again, we
have started working on "stay back" which is our word for heel. Once again
he is catching on like a champ. We also love that he rarely barks and never
barks back when other dogs are barking.

I could rave on and on about him. I am not too sure what we did without
him. Yesterday, April 6, was his birthday, and it was fun to celebrate.
It's like he is our kid. I love the way he hugs my arm when he wants me to
pick him up and the sweet whines he gives us when he wants to play. He is
smart and inquisitive and a definite escape artist. We feel so blessed to
have him. Ryler has taught us so many things and makes our lives sweeter by
being in them.

We pray all is well with you and your family. Hope you enjoyed our update.


We live in Bozeman Mt. so we were able to go to Helena and talk with the Lowry's  and see how they raise Border Terriers.
We were more than satisfied. I wouldn't be the least bit concerned about the business end of the arrangement. They are "the real deal."
A close friend who is a dog trainer suggested a Border Terrier to us. We had never heard of the breed.
They are so smart and fun--and ours (a male named KoKo) has four basic modes: They are play, food, sleep and trouble.
The latter meaning that puppy's are puppy's. We love him.
Bob and Carol

The Lowrys and their breeding business is legitimate and beyond reproach. 
We sent our money just as they are asking you to do and since we only live 3 hours away, we visited when our pup was 4 weeks old.  We picked the pup up when he was 8 weeks old. 
The Lowrys were kind enough to allow our PudelPointer to pick out his brother and we really appreciated that.  Their dogs are kept in the house and are treated like pets.
The disposition of every dog that I met, and I met most of them, was excellent.  Our mom is Pepper and the dad is Monte.  The Lowrys know their business and take it seriously.


Been meaning to email you for a while to share some pics etc.
Best dog I've had. Super smart, loyal, playful. should've bought two.
Goes camping every weekend, doesn't leave camp or wonder.
Not even 4 months old yet but he knows sit, stay, lay down, get down (couch), go to bed, give (tug o war).
He is very good with my son, best of buds.

Hi Roy and Linda

It's been a few months since I've given you guys any Baxter updates and figured now would be a good time as any.
Baxter is now 1 year and 5 months old (no matter his age, he is still my baby).
He is the best cuddler as well as work out partner a girl could ask for :) I included some pictures to show you how big he's gotten!!
As you can see, he has become very fond of playing in the pool and has made another friend!His name is Teddy,
he is a frenchie just like his other friend, Monty. I hope all is well with you guys!


Hi Roy and Linda,

John and I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for our puppy Tula!
She is almost 8 months old now so we thought we'd send some photos to
share! We just love her!

She is very smart and already knows lots of tricks like sit, lay down, roll
over, high five, shake, and we are working on shake left, shake right. We
think she would make a great therapy dog because she loves everyone and
every dog too, she just loves to play!

Thank you so much,
Audrey & John


Roy and Linda,

First off Merry Christmas!! I wanted to send a couple pictures of a grown
up Gus your way! He has grown to be a wonderful little boy and loves
playing with the other farm dogs. Gus is in the yard tromping in the snow
as we speak playing with Otis the golden retriever. They are having a
blast, and I couldn't have asked for a better more mannered dog. He is my
best friend and the best thing I have decided to get. I just wanted to
thank you again for such a wonderful dog, and I hope one day to maybe get

Have a wonderful holiday!

Ted and Gus from Wisconsin!

Hi Roy and Linda!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family.  We finally got some snow here for a white Christmas so that was nice, but I'm ready for it to go now!
I wanted to give you an update on Olive - what a wonderful little dog she is!
She loves everyone she meets, and is so smart and quick to learn.  She learned sit in about an hour, and is doing great on her potty training.  I take her to my mom's house every morning on my way to work, and she plays with her two new best friends, Betty and Bob - two big labs.  Of course you can guess who is the boss of the group.  We've introduced her to all sizes, shapes and colors of people, and I don't think she's met one she doesn't like yet.  We had a special experience with one of my son's friends who has a brother with Down's Syndrome.  She was so sweet with him, she just kept kissing and kissing him, and didn't wiggle at all when he held her a bit longer than she would have liked.  It made me think that maybe she would make a great therapy dog in the future.
She also made the two-day 10 hour each day car trip back to Nebraska like a champ.  We were amazed how easy she traveled and spent the night in a strange hotel.  She also started sleeping through the night on her third night home - which was such a blessing!
She is such a great dog - hardly ever barks (which I love) and is so good natured.  Everyone she meets is just charmed by her.
Thank you so much - we really love her.
I attached some pictures so you could see a little snapshot of her life here.  I truly have no idea why Border Terriers aren't more popular in the US - honestly a great little breed.  I may be back for a second one someday!
Take care,
We really can't tell you enough how much we like Darwin.  He's an
amazing animal physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We watch our
friends struggle with their dogs and everything we do with him has
come effortlessly.  They ask us how we did it and we just laugh and
say "get a border".  Our friend literally has a dog (the big white
one) that can't be alone and hates most other dogs, but for some
reason he loves Darwin so they drop him off at our house everyday, all
day, to hang out.  He's his emotional support animal.  He's a joy.  We
even bring him on all our trips and he rides in the cabin of the
aircraft with us.  Sleeps like a baby the whole flight.
Thanks again.  We love him.
Cal and Ali
Anchorage, Alaska

I wanted to send you a couple of updated photos of our pup (Mazin) I took today. He’s doing great.
Very smart and a joy to have around. He adjusted to our home and started loving it here from day one. My four year old grandson and him are inseparable.
It’s difficult for us to determine who enjoys each other the most. We are so thankful we chose the Border Terrier breed for our next dog and are especially
blessed to have received the one we have. We love him to death and he loves us back twice as much. Thank you again.

(Pensacola, Florida
Hey there Roy & Linda,

Let me start off by thanking you from the bottom of my heart!  Right off the plane, I knew you sent me a special dog!  I thought he'd be timid or shy right off the plane...WRONG!  Little buddy popped out of his crate full of personality, hit the bathroom (grass at the airport), and woofed down his 1st Maryland meal.  I've had little Garbanzo for just over 3 weeks, and I can honestly say he has exceeded every expectation I had!  My little G-bean is so, smart, sweet, playful, and filled with personality, that's its hard to articulate how awesome he is!

Banzo comes with me everywhere I go, and always behaves himself in the car, and at both of my places of business...he keeps quiet in the TV studio, and doesn't mind the loud music & weights being dropped at Crossfit.  My lil man has mastered, sit, stay, walking with me off/on leash, and looks at me for an "ok" confirmation before he eats.  He's working on lie down, roll over, and speak...he'll, I'm sure, will have these mastered in the next week or two...not bad for being less than 3 months old!

He, just this past weekend, got to meet the neighbor's dogs (had to wait for his shots).  At first I was weary of letting my 5lb 11oz pup wrestle with these 40-50lb pooches, but once again, Garbanzo shined!  Little man asserted his feistiness, and ran circles around his new pup friends.

I could literally go on and on about how cute, cuddly, and adorable everyone thinks he is...cause he is!  He's the sweetest, funniest, most well behaved  little buddy ever!

Thanks you so much Linda & Roy!


Brian Keane

Hey Roy,

I bought Cooper from you 8 years ago, and wanted to let you know what a great dog he's been over the years.  I thought I'd send you a few photos of him living the good life in Texas.  He's 25 pounds of solid muscle.  Tough as heck, but cozy as can be.

He's won battles in the woods with raccoon, possum, porcupine, wild hog, armadillo, rats, mice, snakes, etc.  He tried to fight a white tailed buck, but that was a tie.

When he's not hunting, he's sitting by my feet, or laying on top of me.  I particularly like that he never disappears even with no fence and no leash.  Always by my side.

My best buddy in the whole world.  I know he won't last forever though, and that makes me very sad.

Pete Edlund

my name is Joshua, over 12 years ago I got a puppy from your Big Sky Border Terriers. I got him when he was 8 weeks old on September,16th, 2005 and I was only 15 years old, his name is Enzo and he is now almost 13 years old(or will be July,23rd) and still going strong. Over the years he's had his share of adventures and he's become my best friend. I love him more than I can put into words and I wanted to email you simply to say thank you. Thank you that you trusted me and my family to love Enzo for as long as he's in our life. He's changed everyones life in our family, especially mine. Thanks again.